Bariery z tworzywa sztucznego czy ze stali? Które wybrać?
Zapewnienie bezpieczeństwa pracownikom oraz ochrona wyposażenia i maszyn to priorytety osób odpowiedzialnych za zarządzanie magazynem, placem czy halą produkcyjną. Zdrowie i życie ludzkie nie mają ceny, dlatego przy wyborze rozwiązań z zakresu bezpieczeństwa nie warto stawiać na półśrodki i kompromisy.
Jack Trailer Stand – safe and comfortable unloading without a tractor
One of the most challenging operations in the warehouse management area is, without doubts, implementation of safe and efficient unloading and loading system. To make warehouse processes more efficient, one should apply cutting edge solutions such as trailer supports.
Wall Protector High Storage Barriers
Despite the fact that Polish businesses increase their expenditure on safety means every year, the number of people hurt in occupational accidents in our country remains very high. OH&S training and more and more restrictive standards are not sufficient to protect employees from the consequences of mistakes, either their own or another people’s. Fortunately, modern technology comes to the rescue. One of the examples is the Wall Protector system,
High storage without racks. Enhance the storage area using the Wall Protector barriers
Inadequate work organisation and inappropriate conduct of employees are the most frequent causes of accidents in warehouses. To add to that, one must refer to structural or technical defects as well lack of suitable protection means.
Jack Trailer Stand supports allow for safe loading
Using Jack Trailer Stands, vehicle damage risk is minimised. This solution provides opportunity for calm loading and unloading of goods without a need to use a tractor. During loading, proper securing of a trailer without a tractor is a key operation affecting safety of the loading operation.
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