Column protectors

Column protection is an essential piece of equipment for industrial facilities. They protect very sensitive places, the damage of which may lead to serious structural damage to buildings or their infrastructure. Flexible protection of columns is an effective protection of structural columns of buildings, mezzanines, crane columns and other elements belonging to the vertical infrastructure. The product reduces the risk of damage to the protected structure, the damage of which could have resulted from the error of a forklift or transport truck operator. Flexible plastic protects the structure of the poles and minimizes damage to the forklifts themselves.

What are the characteristics and distinguishing features of column protection?
Column protection can be installed at different heights and planes. Due to the fact that they are available in a 4-sided, 3-sided and 2-sided version, it is possible to freely adapt them to the infrastructure of the room. Column protectors have different types of fastenings, e.g. anchored to the floor or applied to the column, which makes it easier to find the most optimal solution. All protections combine the same advantages - exceptional impact resistance and the ability to return to its original shape. Column protectors take up little space, so they can also be used in small rooms. The yellow color makes them clearly visible, which also minimizes the risk of a collision. In addition, the column covers are resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation and chemicals, so they can be safely installed in various places, both outdoors and indoors.

The most important advantages of column security:
They effectively protect columns, poles and other elements of vertical infrastructure.
They prevent damage that can cause a construction disaster.
They eliminate or reduce the cost of repairing poles after collisions.
No damage to the columns means that there is no need to shut down the area for the duration of the repair, which is why their use helps to better organize the workplace.
No need for repairs saves time and money.
They will ensure safety in the workplace.
Where column protections can be used:
Column protection can be installed anywhere where there are poles or other vertical infrastructure.

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