ANTER SYSTEM. Safety-improving products and services

As the manufacturer of industrial guiderails and barriers, we have been present on the Polish market for more than 10 years. As a company with many years of experience, we have provided general safety products such as:
 - industrial guide rails, industrial bumpers, parking bumpers, industrial barriers, rack guards, protective rails, road mirrors, warehouse mirrors, protective barriers, early warning systems, parking poles, road poles, loading ramp accessories, road surface paint.

Safety-improving product range
All provided industrial guiderails, industrial rails, parking bumpers and all other products are top quality. A significant part of industrial guide rails, protective rails, protective barriers and other products is made of moisture-proof materials, and displays high mechanical strength, and therefore durability.

Product colours are selected to ensure outstanding visibility.
Our product range is supposed to protect any area where a risk of accidents and collisions is present. Suitable space management protects health and human life. Our company cooperates with warehouses, logistics centres and manufacturing plants. We are also engaged in providing equipment to parking areas, big-box stores and rack manufacturers.

 The services we provide include:

 - painted surface markings;

- removing paint off the floor;

- safety level audit;

 and many more as we continue to develop.