Durable wheel guides are an indispensable support in centrally positioning larger vehicles. We offer products of various shapes, which allows you to perfectly match specific variants to your area. Individual models differ in diameter, which makes them suitable for many delivery vehicles. It is worth using them in the areas of warehouses, freight forwarding companies or areas where store deliveries are organized. We provide satisfactory durability of the assortment, which allows it to be used even with significant loads. The sale includes products with a simple form and broken variants, with a specific profiling.

Reliable wheel guides - what is worth choosing?

Moving large vans in a limited space is not a simple task. Thanks to our functional guides, they can be significantly simplified. With their help, optimal wheel alignment of the vehicle will prove to be much simpler and less time-consuming. The products allow you to limit the number of maneuvers, checking the centric positioning of the car. It is worth paying attention to their specially developed height, which does not damage the rims. An additional advantage is the specific construction of the pipes, which allows a small contact area in relation to the wheels. We provide products with a high degree of strength, thanks to which they retain their form even when hovering over them with a vehicle. The high quality of the materials used also affects the attractive appearance of the range. Our guides can easily be adapted to the aesthetics of a warehouse area or a hall. They are not troublesome to install, which is their additional advantage. The wide offer includes products with different forms of turning, so with their help you can perfectly mark the route, providing the wheels with a central location relative to entrance gates or other objects. We offer an assortment at affordable prices that go hand in hand with very high quality railings.

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