Delivery methods


Depending on the quantity and the weight of the products you order, chosen payment method and your own preferences, the following delivery options are available:


Courier services: the delivery is made by the DHL courier service. This option means comfort and certainty that your purchase order is delivered on time for a low price. Additionally, you will get an e-mail with a link to the page where you can check where you shipment is at the moment.


Forwarding: the option recommended for large-scale and heavy items.


Personal collection: only after previous contact with the Seller under the address specified by the Seller. The Goods are not stored at the address of the company’s office.

Delivery cost


Total delivery cost is available once you add products to the basket and choose suitable delivery and payment methods; the summary shows precise price to be paid.


Courier services: net PLN29.00, in case of packages up to 30kg


Personal collection: free of charge


Note: the delivery cost may be increased for products with non-standard dimensions and/or higher weight.