Any way to improve personnel safety level and professional comfort is a good way. Industrial mirrors are perfect for this purpose. These are used in warehouses, stores, parking areas, production halls, logistics centres and many other facilities with intense pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Observation mirrors available in the Anter System product range comply with all necessary requirements and directives concerning occupational health and safety. These are manufactured of top quality materials, providing durability and resistance to damage. They are easy to install and clean.

New store mirrors and industrial mirrors – safety first

Specific product models are different from each other, depending on purpose. Warehouse mirrors have special yellow and black marking, visible from far away, improving safety level in such facilities. In turn, store mirrors, and panoramic mirrors in particular, with 360 degree observation angle, form an efficient anti-theft protection. They ensure wide observation angle to provide sales officers with a clear view. To provide our products with the best properties, we use top quality materials such as stainless steel, acrylic and polycarbonate. Acrylic mirrors, as all models available in our store, such as the spherical mirror and the special warehouse mirror, are easily installed at the walls, the ceilings or other surfaces which require such accessories. These are applicable both indoors and outdoors. Our store’s product range gets larger and larger as we intend to meet rising expectations and changing requirements of our customers. We provide very good cooperation conditions and comprehensive assistance at any stage of the purchase process. Feel free to look into our products and to take advantage of our attractive prices, available to all Customers.

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