Flexible Barrier Traffic R2GB HD+ M30

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APPLICATION: Protection of machines, gates, buildings, storage racks, separation of passageways 
PROPERTIES: The structure is made of i-PLAST material - a flexible, non-flamable, reinforced plastic based on a polymer blend and ERTAX material, both high quality. Due to the use of plastic, the barrier absorbs even very high impact forces, without damaging the structure and fixing. Complies with HACCP standards, efficient protection . prevents damage caused by collision, without damage in the ground, well visible, bright-yellow (others colours on request), aestethic design, easy to clean, fast and simple installation, modul system. 

Application of GB HD+ Barrier provides additional structure protection against impact, including damage caused by the fork-lift truck. 

HEIGHT: 1100 mm 

INSTALLATION: internal fixing with M30 anchors 

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