Flexible Traffic Barrier R3 HD+

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Flexible barrier to separate vehicular traffic from pedestrian traffic

APPLICATION: designating communication routes, protection of employees, work places, machines from moving forklifts and transport trolley. Product is used in an area with high traffic volume and high risk of collision.

PROPERTIES: Safety barriers are made of high quality, non-flammable, flexible material i-PLAST and ERTAX, which complies HACCP and FDA standards; This barrier is extremely resistant on multiple impacts; after an impact returns to the previous position and absorbing the force of the impact across its surface; Barriers have modular character and due to this it is possible to create entire communication sequences; Product can be adapt to individual needs; aesthetic design, well visible, warning colors, fast and simple installation, there is a possibility to upgrade, transfer and re-use the protections.


Material: flexible material Ertax, i-Plast, steel

Height: 1100 mm

Available lengths: 500mm - 3000 mm

Bollard diameter: 192 mm

Bar diameter: 140 mm

Installation: external fixing, screw in anchors M16 included; resistance to pulling 98kn; This type of anchor reduces the risk of concrete cracking; The fastener can be completely removed; The fastener does not need to be secured by expansion, which ensures a low risk of substrate damage and makes the product ideal for installation near edges and adjacent anchors; The product is also perfect as a temporary fastener; reusable system

Guarantee: 5 years


TÜV Certificate

Made in Poland

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