Flexible Shockproof Bollard PA HD+ One Line

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This structure has been designed to protect places particularly exposed to shock damage, such as entrance gates, structural columns, building walls. Bollard PA HD+ ONE LINE in yellow color version is equipped with high quality fencing tapes with a system that slows down the tape retraction. In addition to protecting areas exposed to damage, The product of the Anter System brand is used to manage the movement of people, forklifts and transport trucks, fence off areas temporarily closed to traffic and close passageways. The PA HD+ One Line is moreover equipped with reflective tape, ensuring its good visibility. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Technical data:

Material: ERTAX, i-Plast
Height: 300 mm - 2000 mm

Available tape lengths in bollards: 2.3 m, 3.65 m, 7.7 m, 9 m

Tape width 48 mm +/-1 mm; tape thickness 0.75 mm +/- 0.05 mm

Protection of machinery, gates, structural posts, building walls, storage racks, separating passageways, fencing off closed areas, traffic organisation;

TÜV certificate

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