Jack Trailer Stand JST1.2 - galvanized

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Jack Trailer Stand trailer support stabilizes the truck during unloading and loading. The device protects the trailer against overloading, reducing the risk of damage to the vehicle and goods.

Jack Trailer Stand allows loading and unloading a semi-trailer without the need for a tractor unit.

The product is characterized by simple operation and high durability.

Our support:

  •     withstands loads up to 40t,
  •     allows you to reduce the costs of unloading goods,
  •     minimizes the risk of an accident,
  •     is easy to transport,
  •     has the ability to adjust the height,
  •     it is easy and quick to use

- material: steel, galvanized, yellow painted
- tubeless tires
- support length adjustment: 920mm-1300mm

Our offer includes various versions of supports, it is also possible to adapt them to individual customer needs - for information, please contact us at


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