PA Shockproof Flexible Bollard, M30

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Flexible shockproof bollard PA in yellow color version has been design to protect places particularly vulnerable to shock damage, such as entrance gates, structural columns, building walls. Bollard PA may also limit a transport truck or a fork truck from entering any area while allowing any pedestrian into it. This product is flexible and extremely resistant to multiple shocks. It is equipped with a reflective tape, ensuring its good visibility. It may be used both indoors and outdoors. It is possible to retrofit this product with limit bands or other fence types.


Material: i-PLAST, ERTAX
Height: 300 -2000 mm
Diameter: 75 - 280 mm
Fixing method: internal fixing with M30 anchors

Optional: Stainless steel base, galvanized steel base.


Protection of machinery, gates, structural posts, building walls, storage racks, separation of passageways.