Steel floor barrier

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The steel floor barrier is a relatively low cost of protecting machines, equipment and installations against oncoming vehicles (forklifts or pallet trucks).

The product is characterized by quick and easy assembly.

The low profile design allows easy pedestrian access to protected areas.

The product is used for the protection of shelves, cabinets, equipment, machinery and installations.

Technical data (depending on the size selected):

- height: 86 mm, width: 400 mm, weight: 5 kg,

- height: 86 mm, width: 800 mm, weight 7.5 kg,

- height: 86 mm, width: 1200 mm, weight: 7.5 kg,

- diameter: 76 mm (with 3 mm wall thickness),

- base plates: 10 mm thick (2 fixing holes drilled),

- finish: painted

Stalowa bariera podłogowa stanowi stosunkowo niski koszt ochrony maszyn, sprzętu oraz instalacji przed nadjeżdżającymi wózkami widłowymi czy paletowymi.

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