Corner galvanised barrier powder painted

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Corner galvanised steel barrier help protect the equipment, columns, corners, shelves and walls of the room. Warning colors draw the driver's attention to be particularly attentive when driving.

Application: in warehouses, distribution depots, production halls.

Barrier adapted to protect columns and corners. Easy and fast installation.

Technical data (depending on the size selected):

- height: 350 mm, width: 600 mm, weight: 20 kg,

- height: 600 mm, width: 600 mm, weight: 24 kg,

- height: 1200 mm, width: 600 mm, weight: 34 kg,

- diameter: 76 mm (with 3 mm wall thickness),

- mounting plates: 160 mm x 140 mm x 10 mm (4 fixing holes drilled),

- finish: galvanised, powder painting

Bariera narożna znajduje zastosowanie przy zabezpieczaniu dróg komunikacyjnych, obszarów roboczych, wydzielania tras ruchu, ścieżek ruchu pieszych, dróg wózków widłowych.

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