Rectangular unbreakable polycarbonate road mirror

700 zł
Tax excluded

Applied in locations with a disturbed view, such as intersections, tunnels, exits from real estates, production companies or parkings. It assures safety of traffic since it reflects pictures perfectly well. Round and square items available. A frame with a reflective foil makes that the mirror is visible at night as well. It has a seal preventing penetration by water (under the mirror). Made from steel, polycarbonate or acrylate, which is 70% stronger than the glass. Consequently, a mirror is very resistant to breaking, scratching or dents. Additionally, acrylate and polycarbonate mirrors do not fade away.

RECTANGULAR: 400x600 / 600x800 / 800 / 1000 / 1000x1200 mm

INSTALLATION: By means of an attached grip equipped with a  ball  articulated  joint  standing  a  wind  up to 120 km/h.


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