Corner protection profile, type H

104 zł

H-type warning and protection profile

H-type protective profiles are ideal for securing wall corners, machine edges and other places that are particularly susceptible to damage caused by impacts. Polyurethane foam perfectly absorbs the impact force, protecting particularly important places for us. Thanks to its intense colors, it also has a warning function, and the foil, which is covered with all profiles in our store, protects against weather conditions, which means that the profiles can be used both inside (halls, warehouses) and outside buildings (parking lots).

Product Advantages:

  • They signal dangerous places, thus reducing the risk of injury
  • They protect vehicles and machines
  • The flexibility of the material allows you to adjust the profiles to surfaces of various shapes
  • Effective protection due to intense colors
  • Easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface
  • High color fastness and wear protection
  • Temperature resistance from -40 ° C to +100 ° C
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • For use inside and outside the building
  • Profile width: 47mm, foam thickness: 12mm.

    Profile available in 1m sections, in 5m rolls or in rolls up to 50m.


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