Corner Protection Profile, Type A+

188 zł

Type A+ warning profile

Profile is made of a thick layer of polyurethane foam, which is protected with protective polyurethane foil. It perfectly absorbs the force of impact, is flexible and very easily returns to the state before the impact, thus does not transfer the force of impact to the object on which it is mounted. Therefore, it finds its application in production halls and warehouses, i.e. where the risk of impact is extremely dangerous and frequent.

Diameter profile: 60mm, depth of indentation: 35mm


It can be successfully installed on the corners of walls, facades, corners and machine thresholds. It is ideal for warehouses, production halls, parkings.


  • it owes its warning function to a layer of foil with very intense colors, the profile is very well visible even from a distance
  • protect vehicles and machines
  • very long life, because the foam does not lose its shape due to impacts
  • flexible material allow to adjustment the profile for surfaces of different shape
  • easy to clean due to a smooth surface
  • high durability of color and protection from abrasion
  • allows the product to be used in extreme weather conditions. It tolerates temperatures between -40º C and 100º C
  • easy and fast installation
  • it can be used both inside and outside buildings

Profiles available in sections 1m, 3m roll and 25m roll. If you have questions please write on

Profil ostrzegawczo ochronny do zabezpieczania narożników ścian, typ A+


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