Fender Rack Armour size L

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Fender Rack Armour size L is intended for protection of storage racks.

Fender ensure adequate protection from damage cased by impact of forklift or oder storage machines.

This barrier effectively prevents infringement contstruction of rack and also reduces the cost of reparation the rack.

Rack Armour is made of HDPE – arificial material which is characterized by a stiffness, strength and also high resistance to abrasion, combustion and humidity.

The interior is made of polypropylene foam which additional absorbs shocks.

This product is intended for use in case of surface at temperatures since -40°C. It can be used among other things in cold stores and freezers.

Bright, yellow color provides very good visibility.

Rack Armour is characterized high shock absorption capacity (to 2,4 tonn) and doesn’t deform.

It can be repeated hit- without replacing.

Product owns certificate DEKRA and is in accordance with international standards FEM 10.2.20.As4048

It meets the standards HACCP – it can be used in food and pharmaceutical industry.

Fender rack is quick and easy to install -  doesn’t damage the floor

Height: 600mm

Internal diameter: 101-120mm


Made in Poland

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