Timbers barriers are a cheap solution to the problem of securing walls, columns, and storage shelves against light fork lifts and transport carts. A timber barrier consists of a pine beam and steel elements that attach the structure to a floor, i.e. end, corner, or indirect joint. The pine beam can be planed and impregnated. Steel-timber barriers are most often used in warehouse buildings.

Steel-timber Barriers - easiness of element expansion and replacement

The advantage of wooden barriers is the ability to replace specific barrier elements, i.e. wooden beam or steel mounts, in the event of damaging it. Steel barriers can be connected with each other and expanded. As a manufacturer of steel-timber barriers, the Anter System Company makes steel barriers with two types of mounts, i.e. with hidden internal mount that is valued for its aesthetic values and easiness of cleaning and standard external mount. We do not recommend wooden barriers for buildings that require maintaining great sterility, e.g. in food processing or pharmaceutical industry, where flexible barriers will definitely fulfil the role much better.

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