Traffic in domestic roads, motorways and congested streets is challenging even to the most experienced drivers. There are more and more cars, and therefore there is multitude of situations which are potentially dangerous to health and life of road users. There are many ways to solve this problem, and one of them is to take actions meant to improve view angles for both drivers and pedestrians. For this purpose, you may use road mirrors available at the Anter System Store in large numbers. To ensure life as long as possible and prevent them from losing their properties, these are made of materials highly resistant to weather conditions.

New road mirrors – the best way for improving road safety

Any road administrator, in particular, administrating roads subject to additional risk (such as motorways, mountain roads and routes located in rough terrain) should concentrate specifically on maximising safety for all traffic participants. Installing suitable mirrors, you can significantly improve observation angle at specific section of the roads, therefore allowing drivers to spot any dangerous situations very soon. For this application, the mirrors with indicating frames are the best, as they are provided with special white and red markings, visible from far away. Round road mirrors may have variety of applications. They are used to improve and safeguard traffic at roads with intense traffic, and to provide invaluable help at construction sites, parking areas, logistics centres and many other areas where it is necessary to provide additional marking for vehicle routes. The materials we use are resistant to both UV radiation and mechanical damage. Additional proofing, in the form of standard gaskets, prevents any water under the mirror pane. Please feel free to look into our offer, providing top quality products meant to improve safety in work places as well as a number of professional services.

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