With a view to satisfying the needs of each of our clients, we provide protective profiles in various sizes, which are subject to differentiation in terms of shape, length and diameter. The offer includes an assortment made of high-quality foam, which works perfectly as a reliable protection. It is a proven solution for industry, allowing for effective protection of goods. We offer warning and protective profiles in specially matched colors that ensure optimal visibility. Foam models are a great alternative to steel counterparts, delighting with their flexible form and multi-functional character.

High-class warning and protection profiles

We attach great importance to the durability of the range offered, as evidenced by our foam profiles. We offer products that work well both as a security of goods and as their practical marking. They can be used in any way to improve work in an industrial hall or warehouse. Special foam provides profiles with the desired properties - our protections perfectly eliminate mechanical damage. They can be used not only on straight surfaces, but also on corners or irregularly shaped areas. Depending on individual needs, they can also be used in the information function. Excellent durability means that our protective profiles prove themselves in their primary role for a very long time - no frequent replacement is necessary. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full range, to which we try to regularly introduce new items. Available profiles are an irreplaceable protection and information solution.

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