We offer a high-class assortment that allows you to ensure safety, among others, in warehouse halls or large reloading areas. You can find supports for the semi-trailer in various sizes and with an exceptional degree of strength. The proposed products are perfect for securing transhipment operations. They are irreplaceable in the case of larger delivery trucks, as evidenced by the jack trailer stand adapted to large trucks. We focus on a variety of offers, which is why we provide our clients with products in various sizes. They are resistant to damage, which ensures satisfactory durability.

Functional support for the semi-trailer (Jack Trailer Stand) - a reliable manufacturer

As a reputable manufacturer, we offer supports for semi-trailers adapted to various load variants, which are characterized by extremely simple operation. They can easily be used during complex transhipment operations. Our products are perfect for, among others, maintaining the semi-trailer in the same position, preventing it from tilting under the weight of a forklift. In many situations they can be used as an alternative to a tractor unit. The support of the semi-trailer allows you to maintain full stability and thus ensure safety during handling. It is worth paying attention to the extremely durable construction of the available models, which is affected by the high quality of the materials used. We manufacture supports with a very durable construction, and their additional advantage is trouble-free service. Intuitive use allows these products to be used even by people without experience. Our supports are perfect for warehouses and areas where goods are transhipped.

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