The main task of safety barriers is to protect the health and life of employees and to enclose places particularly vulnerable to collisions, such as gates, passages or doors. Thanks to them, you can also easily separate specific zones within a given industrial center, hall or factory. Therefore, they are used in all these work places, but also in parking lots and sidewalks, where as a result of heavy traffic it is necessary to separate safe zones for pedestrians and vehicles and to designate communication routes. Safety barriers manufactured by Anter System can be installed both inside and outside buildings. They are made of durable, weather-resistant materials and are characterized by high durability.

Railings and everything needed for their installation

Because we know how important a partner offering comprehensive support in a given field is to every investor, we have created a rich product and service offer. For many years, our specialty has been designing and implementing solutions to ensure broadly understood safety in workplaces and places with heavy traffic and pedestrians. The safety barriers in our assortment are available in sets with all accessories necessary for their assembly. Noteworthy are the modular systems developed by us, enabling the creation of a comprehensive protective structure. If there is a need, we provide professional advice on choosing the most suitable products.

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