Logistics centers, large stores with large facilities, warehouses and production halls are several examples of workplaces in which employees are exposed to particular danger. Forklifts moving around such objects pose a threat not only to human health and life, but also to plant property. To minimize the risk of accidents and collisions involving forklifts, it is worth investing in impact barriers. This product provides effective protection for people, machines, shelves and building construction elements. Durable and very resistant to impact, they are - thanks to the appropriate colors and markings - visible from a distance. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer.

How to choose the right model of impact barriers?

There is no one universal type of these products, because their use can be different. The models that are used to protect the columns are curved and take the shape of the letters "L", "O" or "C". On the other hand, barriers intended for fencing machines and devices are made of large diameter pipes and additionally reinforced with protective sheets. Impact barriers intended for determining communication routes are rather low and made of smaller diameter pipes, but they are arranged in high density to provide solid and effective protection for workers moving around the hall. As a manufacturer of impact barriers, we can offer our contractors exceptionally favorable conditions for cooperation. We are open to your suggestions and individual needs. We invite you to take advantage of the offer - we guarantee attractive prices.

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