In warehouses, in halls or in logistics centers, i.e. in places where many forklifts work and there is increased traffic, the risk of collision and damage to structural elements, equipment and stored materials is really high. These types of events are most often the result of careless planning of communication routes or their improper labeling and protection. To prevent their occurrence and thus minimize the risk of losses, all you have to do is invest in floor barriers. The ones available in the Anter System offer are adapted to protect various facilities operating within the said facilities. Among our proposals you will find, among others, steel floor barriers of different lengths, corner and floor crash plates.

Advantages of floor safety barriers

Every investor should care about ensuring good and safe working conditions for their employees. The associated costs may or may not absorb a large part of the budget. It is enough to invest in proven and inexpensive solutions, and such certainly include floor protective barriers manufactured by our company Anter System. We accept individual orders from clients. This ensures that the product is tailored to your needs and saves money. We also provide services related to the design and implementation of work safety solutions. Such a comprehensive offer is a really advantageous proposition, the more so because we are ready to realize also unusual orders. Feel free to contact - we will certainly meet even the most demanding needs.

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