The role of energy-intensive barriers, also known as accident and road barriers, is to prevent vehicles whose drivers have lost control over them, to leave the road lane designated for them. This is possible thanks to the special construction, in particular supports capable of stopping the collision. The energy-consuming barriers produced by our company Anter System are made of a special plastic that perfectly absorbs impact, and after collision and deformation returns to its original position and shape. These products are great for protecting valuable machinery and equipment working in industrial halls or production plants, but they can also be used in logistics centers, to protect shelves and designate communication routes.

Energy-consuming barriers - price and quality guaranteed

We offer fully individual cooperation, thanks to which we are able to better match our proposals to your expectations. Prices of energy-consuming barriers available in the Anter System range depend, among others, on the chosen model and size. We guarantee, however, that these offers are always very affordable. Because we are their producer, we can offer really attractive terms of orders and purchase. We remain open to the individual needs and requests of our clients. We are happy to undertake unusual orders. Our mission is to create solutions and products for the safety and protection of human health, which is why we are constantly developing, investing in increasingly modern and advanced production technologies.

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