One of the categories of protective barriers available in the Anter System offer are floor barriers. Their task is to protect places with heavy traffic. They are intended primarily for securing machines, buildings, storage racks, gates, columns and storage areas. Floor safety barriers are characterized by the fact that they are able to absorb even very strong impacts caused by collisions with forklifts or goods stacked on pallets. Their great advantage is not only efficiency, resistance and above average durability, but also an attractive price. They can also be used while staging communication routes and to maintain proper warehouse traffic.

Protective barriers Wroclaw - a large selection and competitive prices

Impact barriers constitute a separate category in the assortment of our experienced company. These types of products are available in many different variants and types. We recommend to our clients' attention, among others, constructions with removable beams, modular protective barriers and horseshoe-shaped slow stop solutions. We also have products designed to protect columns, polycarbonate handrails, telescopic barrier gates and much, much more. So far, no better way has been invented to protect the safety of people and machinery in designated areas of halls and warehouses than protective barriers. The price of these products is relatively low and depends both on the model and the material used for the production. Are you interested in protective barriers? Anter System Store invites. We provide professional advice and assistance in designing a storage space in such a way that it is a functional, safe and comfortable workplace.

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