When designing and building a new or rebuilding an existing warehouse or industrial hall, the safety of those who will work there must always be taken into account. Storage barriers are one of the most reliable and effective products for this purpose. Anter System has been involved in the production of such barriers for many years, and the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated at that time allow us to provide our contractors with the highest quality and standards of services. We strive to make our products even more effective and durable. We provide barriers to warehouses, logistics centers and manufacturing plants.

Where are the storage barriers used?

Protective products of this type should be used in all types of industrial and warehouse halls in which heavy traffic of workers and vehicles is observed, because it is there that safety is an absolute priority. Installing safety barriers in the right places not only reduces the risk of accidents and collisions, but also delineates traffic routes, e.g. for forklifts. Anter System provides barriers to warehouses, logistics centers and manufacturing plants. They protect not only human health and life, but also property that makes up the assets of a given company, because they prevent damage to machines, shelves, as well as other elements included in the production, warehouse or logistics infrastructure. Our products also find recipients among parking lot managers, large stores and shelf manufacturers. In the production of warehouse barriers we use raw materials resistant to moisture and characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage. Their colors - very expressive - are also not accidental. The eye-catching colors make the products visible from a distance, which increases safety in the area they protect.

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