We offer shelf fenders made of the highest quality materials that combine strength with an attractive design. With their help, you can quickly and effectively secure the legs of the rack, and thus protect the goods on the shelves from falling. A wide selection allows you to choose models tailored to protect both lower and tall objects. Plastic racks are a great solution for the surface of production halls or stores. The manufacturer offers an assortment maintained in the characteristic colors - an extremely intense yellow color guarantees excellent visibility, even from a considerable distance. The offer includes steel models and constructed of strong plastic.

Reliable rack fenders - manufacturer

We offer modern fenders for shelving in various shapes, which can be perfectly adapted to the dimensions and form of the protected object. The sale includes low and high models, as well as variants adapted to corner exposures. With their help, you can ensure a high level of security in the store, in the warehouse or in the industrial hall. We encourage you to choose products that do not require floor anchoring, which are very easy to install. They can easily be placed in any place, guided by the safety of employees and protected goods. Also in terms of reducing accidents at work, shelving fenders are a good solution. The manufacturer provides an assortment that will work even when protecting extreme poles. The offered fenders effectively protect the racks against frontal impact, and in the event of an accident guarantee the dispersion of force. It is an excellent proposal to secure goods that could be damaged after falling from a significant height.

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